Poway Valley Water Polo

Aquatic Athletes in the Making

How to join in...

The Poway Valley Water Polo Club is part of US Water Polo. All athletes are required to be current members of USA Water Polo as a Silver or Gold Athlete member. This registration is mandatory because it provides supplemental accident and liability insurance coverage and it also is required for participation in water polo competitions. The USWP membership also includes a subscription to the national magazine, Skip Shot.

Step 1:  Before registering with us, please click here to register with US Water Polo. You will need this info:

Step 2:  Print out and fill in the registration forms

Step 3:  Please return a check made out to PVWP with the form.

Participation in practice, games and tournaments will be limited to players who turn in their registration fees and have their current USWP membership. ("Silver Athlete" meets all of our requirements)